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      Paul Hudson

      I am looking for volunteers for a conservation project that I am working on in conjunction with the NYS-DEC. I am looking for up to 20 anglers (boaters and non-boaters), at each of the NY State Bass Nation Tournaments (including the CTC) to fill out a fishing survey. I will be handing out the surveys to those that request them. You can fill out a survey at each event. Volunteers that take a survey, are requested to fill out all the information on the total number of fish caught, including those that are under 12 inches. If you caught any fish that were diseased, please take a photo of the fish and send it to me. You will find a copy of the survey that I will be using below. I am in the process of looking for vendors to donate product for a drawing at the end of the season for those that complete a survey. I will be mailing your “prize” at the end of the season. Your name and address, that is requested, will not be released to the DEC.

      Boater/ Non-Boater Please circle *Required
      Fishing Start Time (am/pm): *Required
      Fishing End Time (am/pm): *Required

      Species # Caught Weight of largest fish (optional)
      Smallmouth Bass
      Largemouth Bass
      Yellow Perch
      White Perch
      Any Fish caught that appear to Be diseased Please photo with cell phone
      And if not being bought in to Be Weighed Text photo to 315-345-0248

      In the past I have sent in the data from all our tournaments, but the information that you provide by volunteering to fill out a survey will help the NYS-DEC get a better picture on the health of the fisheries. Thank you for your time. Any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.


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