Current News - Casey Smith and Justin Hughes qualify for Championship and a big team win for New York B.A.S.S. Nation

The B.A.S.S. Nation 2021 Northeast Regional Championship sponsored by TNT Fireworks was held June 23rd-25th in Presque Isle Erie Pennsylvania. The 2020 event scheduled for the same location was cancelled due to Covid and was the only B.A.S.S. Regional cancelled in 2020. This year’s team was able to compete against other States and came to Erie ready for whatever the big lake had in store. Which Northeast region State would come out on top and which boater and Co angler from our team would go on to qualify for the B.A.S.S. Nation Championship later this year?

After day 1 our New York team was sitting in sixth place with 156lbs.-10oz. and was 20 lbs. out of first place. Randy Lamanche led the NY team boaters on day 1 with 15lb.-6oz. while on the Co angler side Chris Newton brought 11lb.-13oz. Get pleasure from along with 400 einzahlungsbonus casino. to the scales. Randy’s 5lb-9oz. beast and Chris’s 5lb.-4oz. pig both good for Big Fish of the day in their respective divisions. Also, a reminder that with fish of that size in play you’re never out of a tournament. Learn more about top 10 casino. Even in sixth place anything was possible, right?

A determined and consistent New York team showed up on day 2 and brought in a combined 162lb.-8oz. of fish led by boater Casey Smith with 13lb.-9oz. and Co Angler Joe Raguzin with 10lb.-6oz. Big fish were needed to help the team catch up and Zack Hajecate stepped up with a 5lb.-14oz. tank to help chip away at the lead. The five teams in front of our guys on day 1 were showing lesser weights at the scales on day 2 which is what the team needed to seal the deal in a very close finish. New York B.AS.S. Nation takes first place with a combined 319lb.-2oz. and only 1 pound ahead of second place Maine B.A.S.S. Nation at 318lb.-2oz.

With the big team win behind them, the guys who made the cut for day 3 were anxious to get back out there and move up the ranks in each division. Boater Casey Smith in 13th place with a two-day combined weight of 26lb.-14oz., boater Randy Lamanche in 19th place with a two-day combined weight of 25lb.-6oz. and boater Dan Patane in 20th place with a two-day combined weight of 25lb.-2oz. In the Co Angler Division, Justin Hughes in 6th place with a two-day combined weight of 19lb-12oz., Joe Raguzin in 8th place with a two-day combined weight of 19lb.-1oz., TJ Dobs in 20th place with a two-day combined weight of 15lb.-10oz., and Del Guile in 25th place and two-day combined total of 14lb.-14oz.

Congratulations to Casey Smith and Justin Hughes who have qualified to fish the B.A.S.S. Nation Championship to be held November 3-5 in Louisiana, Ouachita River. Casey solidified his invitation with a solid 6th place overall finish and a 3-day combined weight of 39lb.-14. oz. Justin on the Co Angler side punched his ticket with a 4th place overall finish and 3-day combined weight of 28lb.-1oz. Good luck to Casey and Justin come November. Boater Randy LaManche ended day 3 in 21st place with a 27lb.-10oz. 3-day combined weight. Dan Patane ended up 24th place overall and 3-day combined 25lb.-2oz. On the Co Angler side TJ Dobs finished in 14th place overall with a 3-day combined 26lb-0oz. Del Guile 18th place overall and 3-day combined 22lb.0oz. Joe Raguzin locked up 21st place overall and 19lb.-1oz. combined 3 day.

What a week for the team and a great experience for all involved. Thank you to B.A.S.S. Nation staff and Jon Stewart for a great tournament and thank you to Erie Pa. for the scenic fishery and hospitality.

New York B.A.S.S. Nation 2021 Regional Team: Boaters – Casey Smith, Randy Lamanche, Dan Patane, Ken Golub, Brian Kelly, Seth Parker, Thomas Hughes, Zack Hajecate, Chris Heath, and Zac Cullen Co Anglers – Justin Hughes, TJ Dobs, Del Guile, Joe Raguzin, Chris Newton, Jacob Zaremski, Douglas Linn, Rein Golub, Nick Nelson and Jon Metot.