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      Emma Little

      Ashanti Proverbs
      The Primitive Ethics of a Savage People (1916)

      by Robert Sutherland Rattray, Hugh Clifford

      Ashanti Proverbs ~ Click Here

      • Publisher: Kessinger Publishing
      • Format: paperback, 194 pages
      • Language: english
      • ISBN: 9781120159243 (1120159245)
      • Release date: September 24, 2009
      • Author: Robert Sutherland Rattray, Hugh Clifford

      About The Book

      Excerpt: … CHAPTER I A; Belief In A Supreme Being, Onyame, Onyankopon, Animism, Fatalism, Minor Deities And Charms, Tutelary Deities, Fetishism And Fetish Priests, Manes And Ghosts, The Soul, Death And Burial, Evil Spirits, Witches And Wizards, Soothsayers And Medicine Men. It Asase terew, na Onyame ne panyiii. (2787) Of all the wide earth, the Supreme Being is the elder. Asase. Deriv. possibly ase, down, beneath, as opposed to osoro, above, the heavens (asase reduplication of ase). Here means the world, the earth, which is also expressed by wiase-=-owia ase, under the sun; owia being again derived from root tip, seen in wim=.wimu, in the firmament. Terew. May be either taken as an adjective, or, if the pronoun e is understood, as a verb, ‘is wide ‘. Na. This particle can often be rendered by the conjunction ‘and ‘, but is often used to give emphasis to a word or clause. Onyame. The late Major Ellis in his The Tshi-Speaking People s of the Gold Coast of West Africa, writes as follows: ‘Within the last twenty or thirty years the German missionaries, sent out from time to time by the mission societies of Basel and Bremen, have made Nyankupon known to European ethnologists and students of the science of religion, but being unaware of the real origin of this god, they have generally written and spoken of him as a conception of the native mind, whereas he is really a god borrowed from Europeans and only thinly disguised… To the negro of the Gold Coast, Nyankupon is a material and tangible being, possessing legs, body, arms, in fact all the limits and the senses and faculties of man., . For this reason no sacrifice was offered to him, . . There were no priests for Nyankupon … consequently no form of worship for Nyankupon was established… All…

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