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      Dana Casey

      Desert Mirage
      by Martin Yant

      🔗 Desert Mirage – READ MORE 🔗

      • Publisher: Prometheus Books
      • Release date: September 1, 1991
      • ISBN: 9780879756789 (0879756780)
      • Language: english
      • Author: Martin Yant
      • Format: hardcover, 222 pages

      About The Book

      Shortly after Iraq invaded Kuwait on August 2, 1990, author Martin Yant argued in a newspaper column that Saddam Hussein’s “military machine” wasn’t nearly the menace President Bush said it was. Rather than being a well-equipped and “battle-hardened” million-man Wehrmacht at the command of another Adolf Hitler, Yant suggested that the Iraqi army appeared to be a “war weary,” smaller, supply-short force at the command of another Manuel Noriega.

      When the Persian Gulf War ended in February of 1991 in the U.S. led coalition’s rout of the Iraqi army, Yant set out to write Desert Mirage to show how the Bush administration had deliberately deceived Americans into supporting the pursuit of power disguised as the pursuit of principle — at the cost of an estimated 375,000 lives.

      In the process, Yant shows how the “liberation” of Kuwait, whose occupation the Bush administration helped cause — either by ineptness or design — was merely a pretense for assertion of American power in the Middle East.

      Yant pieces together his convincing case from thousands of reports from dozens of sources that sporadically seeped through the administration’s veil of deceit to reveal that the thunderously triumphant ‘Desert Storm’ was actually a deviously devised ‘Desert Mirage’ with far more foreboding causes and consequences than what the public could ever imagine.

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